ALTLiAE is...

...an exploration of Creativity, Tradition, Craft and Technology.

...an ever-evolving story told in objects interpreting beauty and mystery, for adornment and display.

...a studio where combining design, technology, fashion and fine art, curated through my personal aestetic and shared from a multi-cultural perspective come naturally.

...a playground for a multi-disciplinary fine artist and Indianapolis native who is an award-winning graphic artist and illustrator.

...the brainchild of Angela Edwards, a classically-trained visual artist who spent most days meeting daily deadlines during a 14 year stint as a graphic artist, editorial illustrator and visual journalist for a major daily metropolitan newspaper.

...an exhilarating venture of rediscovery, making and creating utilizing organic and durable materials like leather, fiber, metal and paper, juxtaposed with digital and wearable tech.

...a story of a creative outlet that had a beginning, middle and an end, resulting in a tangible, tactile object to hold the stories I get to tell through an array of materials and technological hardware.

...the creation of objects that are: usable, necessary, beautiful, inspirational and reflecting a journey, for adornment and appreciation.

shop.ALTLiAE.com will offer the most current collections for view and purchase. There will be period pop-up events and samples sales. If you'd like to keep updated about  studio events and happenings contact me directly or join the announcement list at ALTLiAE.com.

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